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Circumstances for Clapping Hands is a blog about reasons to give praise to God, despite my circumstances. As Henry David Thoreau once addressed, “There is no value in life except what you choose to place upon it and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself.” The challenges: 1) Find value in everything you do and 2) Find joy in doing it.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

God Did What?

For the past week I've committed myself to reading the Bible daily. Though done numerous times, I have found this particular endeavor quite enjoyable. Reading familiar stories of Saul, David, and Solomon (you guessed it...I'm reading 2 Samuel) it's amazing how (though familiar) each story offers new insight.

The notion of God's forgiveness comes to mind. How often do we actually think about the fact that God forgives ALL sins? What's more, how often do we really appreciate God for his ACT of forgiveness?

Even well before the crucifixion, we see God's grace and mercy for his people. David alone could attest to this. Chosen to succeed Saul, David was blessed beyond imagination, but through one deceitful action (with Bathsheba) he suffered multiple consequences. Yet, God still continued to bless him post affair. Even more astounding was David's ability to recognize God's favor throughout (the good and bad.)

How often do we stop to see God working in our lives (even through the bad times)? Do we ever really think that God can take something bad and use it for good? Based on previous events I believe He can, after all He did with Solomon (David and Bathsheba's son).


  1. I agree. God's mercy and grace is bottomless. I can't even fathom being rejected as many times as God is and yet still take that person back, it's amazing. I can't even grasp His capacity for love. It totally blows my mind.

  2. I agree with Dionne. Can you fathom how many times we dismiss and hurt him, and he still loves us? I can't, but I'm grateful for it.